Observations on New Normalization

Maybe call it renormalization? I am not sure. After nearly two years of pandemic restrictions, my observation is most people publicly pretend to care. This is not a criticism on what restrictions, mandates, lockdowns, or requirements do or do not work. I don’t know, and you likely don’t either, in that any argument, study, or

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Home Office Painting Continues

Home Office painting is almost done. Tonight, I will apply the second color final coat. I am a stickler for details on painting. I like clean edges, especially where colors meet. It is all about preparation. Tape the trim, clean cloth tarps, clean roller covers, and clean brushes. I have paint brushes I have used

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My original inspirations for a web journal (blog is an ugly sounding word), were Jerry Pournelle’s day-notes journal and the “Daynote Gang” (link and link) . Sadly, so many of that old-guard are now gone, either to the great beyond or simply moved on. There were brilliant minds in that loose association of people. Filling

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Finally, something new

After about a ten year break, and many life changes, I should renew my efforts and interests on my personal web site. It is a fresh start. New thoughts, comments, links, and observations. Day one:Today I begin to explore WordPress for content management. Previously, I had only given WP minimal efforts. This is an opportunity

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