November 2021

Why I Recommend Wordfence for the WordPress Beginner

My use and administration of WordPress is relatively recent. In part, I took it on to build my skills and broaden my experience. Coming from an ‘old school’ developer background where I have focused on databases, server management tools and processes, and more recently cyber security, an easily employed and feature rich product is tremendously […]

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Observations on New Normalization

Maybe call it renormalization? I am not sure. After nearly two years of pandemic restrictions, my observation is most people publicly pretend to care. This is not a criticism on what restrictions, mandates, lockdowns, or requirements do or do not work. I don’t know, and you likely don’t either, in that any argument, study, or

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Byzantine Support from

The support staff at (@webdotcom) and are polite and helpful. They unfortunately have a Byzantine system to work with. I have been a customer for years. I can no longer recommend hosting there anymore. I suspect it is a terrible fallout from company mergers and acquisitions, not to the benefit of any customer.

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We Need a Nuclear Winter

We need our winters powered by nuclear power. The same can be said for all the year’s seasons. Because nuclear power is a consistent base-load supply on the critical path for stable industrial and residential use year-round, and simultaneously the best option to address environmental issues. There are a lot of arguments against nuclear power.

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