The Home Office and Supply Chains

I have been a remote worker (virtual, telecommuter, whichever label of the moment) most of the time since 1998. Ten of those years I had only a cell phone and laptop as company provided assets; no desk assignment, no physical company office location. I have worked from all manner of locations, my home, hotels, an RV, a sailboat, the homes of other people, the porch from my late father’s home in Hawaii, to name a few. I have not had a dedicated home office since 2012.

My daughter is in college and has moved into a house she is renting. Her old bedroom is now empty. Previously, I pushed my desk into whichever room was available. This week and the next my wife and I are repurposing my daughter’s old room into my office and guest bed room. A legitimate office. Yes, there will be a bed in the room, I have a modest home. But, an office! Mine! All Mine!

Painting last night, more tonight, and done on Thursday. Furniture arrives this weekend and next week.

The interesting part is ordering furniture and the disruption in supply chains. Items available yesterday are limited in stock, here yesterday, gone today, and not available again until next year in some cases.

I tend to take my time purchasing things like furniture. We have been looking at items for a few weeks. After noticing the rush on stock, we felt the need to join in. We ordered everything last night. These were all planned purchases, but the plan accelerated. We noticed significant price increases over the last couple months on certain items we were considering. Inflation is real, and obvious.

My current job has me working from home for the foreseeable future. Having a dedicated home office again feels nice.