Terry through the glass

This is the personal journal of Terry Losansky, and I am not a robot. I delve into topics around remote working, cybersecurity, life as a digital nomad, web hosting, technology and journaling. Prepare to be astonished. Or not.

Most of the site content will focus on issues and topics related to remote working and cybersecurity, with occasional random posts of personal interest.

I am a remote worker, virtual worker, telecommuter, and sometimes digital nomad since 1997. I have had brief sprints in the classic corporate cube farms, lived and worked from an RV, and more recently settled into a home office. There may be some value in sharing my experiences with others who are on or considering their own journeys working free of an office building and daily commute.

Nerva.com is in its third incarnation of my web journal. I started the first version sometime around 1995, and I let the second languish around 2010 when my first wife was diagnosed with and later died from breast cancer. After a decade and many life changes, I feel I have the desire to play in this space again and build version three. Now is the time for me, again, to experiment, learn, share, and create.

Yes, there are ads on this site. I hold hope they will someday cover the hosting expenses. What you might see from Google ads are based on your browsing habits, not indicative of this site. Any other companies or products ads or banners are possibly my choice. I keep it to a minimum. Thanks for your patience and enjoy.

Recent Posts

  • Using ChatGPT to Analyze Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities

    Because you are hoping ChatGPT can help with #Cybersecurity vulnerability analysis, I got curious. How can #ChatGPT be used in Cybersecurity events? I added the following custom instruction in my ChatGPT sessions: Then I started a new chat, enabled the WebPilot plugin, and tested the custom instruction with a random CVE published today using the…

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  • It’s ok to be selfish

    “Being selfish is wrong!”, you say. Sure, I agree in some cases it may be wrong. For example, Selfishness that hurts others is bad. A valid point. Selfishness for selfcare is good. Let me explain how being a little selfish is healthy. First some context. For more than fifteen years I was a primary caretaker…

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  • ChatGPT AI Building a Turn Based Strategy Game (Part 4)

    Observations and Ending the Experiment In this closing chapter of my experiment to have ChatGPT write all code for a turn-based strategy game, I part with a better understanding of the limitations of the current version 4 of OpenAI.com‘s ChatGPT. Part 3 ended with a partially functional checker-style board with movable game units, after a…

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  • ChatGPT AI Building a Turn Based Strategy Game (Part 3)

    Debugging and Implementing the Undo Feature This is the continuing story of using OpenAI’s ChatGPT to build a turn-based strategy game. I started with the idea of building something like a game called Anityoy, which I enjoy. The process is evolving and gets off to a rocky start in Part 1. The object is to…

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  • ChatGPT AI Building a Turn Based Strategy Game, Part 2

    Today I am starting where I left off, with the intent to refactor the code. I suspect this is a big ask for ChatGPT. The code is getting harder to manage. Can the functions be grouped into classes? Also, can hard-coded values be set globally and referenced by name throughout the code? Like before, I…

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