Home Office Painting Continues

Home Office painting is almost done. Tonight, I will apply the second color final coat. I am a stickler for details on painting. I like clean edges, especially where colors meet. It is all about preparation. Tape the trim, clean cloth tarps, clean roller covers, and clean brushes. I have paint brushes I have used for years, good as new. There is something about sitting in a room you have painted and feeling good about the work.

I have enough confidence and practice I can do my cut-ins without taping trim or inside corners, or using a tarp in some cases, or whatever. Nothing beats the ease and outcome of good preparation, however.

Today, my desk and chair are the only furnishings in the room. Even in the empty-ish, partially-painted space, it feels good, it looks good, it is rewarding. Maybe it is all psychological. I am ok with that.

I want to say I am surprised how expensive paint has become. I don’t like that about painting. All the more reason to do it well, and hope you have the right colors.