Terry Losansky

This is the personal site for Terry Losansky – Tip’s User Interface. Currently, I develop software. In times past I have been a building contractor, SCUBA professional, hotel and apartment maintenance manager and trainer, and martial arts instructor.

I have worked in corporate IT since 1997, developing tools and processes for server configuration, change, and release management. Currently I work in cyber security vulnerability management, identify and detect. Apparently the work there never stops.

My interests hang around nuclear power, martial arts, sci-fi, history, and sometimes politics. As a general rule, I stay away from public discussions on politics, because my views are not yours and it is not worth arguing about each others opinion. If you try and pin a label on me, you will likely be incorrect. I can live with that, and hope you can too.

All views are my own. I think. Maybe not, but I like to believe I have some level of independent thought.