Abandoning Attempt at Android Custom ROM

I spent some time looking into loading a custom Android ROM on a recently replaced phone. After spending an hour looking into downloading ROMs, bootloaders, and SDKs, I gave up. I have gone down this path several times over the last few years and have abandoned my efforts each time. The reason is simple. Friction and trash. Sites and forums linking to the process and steps are overburdened with distracting and deceiving ads with “download” options, all junk and malware.

Simply put, I lack the patience to verify and manage the carnage presented. I am not exceedingly worried about a malicious download. I have a disposable system for that. As I see it, for as long the Android development community burdens the potential developers with malware and confusion, growing a depth of field will be slow.

There is a lesson here. Friction halts adoption. Access is acceptance.

This similar to, “tax to slow, subsidize to grow.”

Years ago, Microsoft offered their development kits for free, and tools were free to students and inexpensive professionally. Other companies charged for the privilege of creating applications and content on their competing systems. Cut to the finish and now Microsoft, whatever their faults may be, still dominates the industry. The Linux community of the day paid attention, with similar results today.

OS/2 is a footnote.

I will do a factory reset of my cell phone and keep it as a backup. I have better things to do with my time.