We Need a Nuclear Winter

We need our winters powered by nuclear power. The same can be said for all the year’s seasons. Because nuclear power is a consistent base-load supply on the critical path for stable industrial and residential use year-round, and simultaneously the best option to address environmental issues.

There are a lot of arguments against nuclear power. The concerns are valid, as with all types of industrial power systems, there are arguments for safety, environment impact, pollution, and stability.

If you are dead-set against nuclear power, I am unlikely to convince you it is a viable and necessary option. If you are uncertain about nuclear power’s viability, the best advice I have is to make a list of your arguments. Pick the strongest argument, or the most feared. Then research just that point.

I may not change your mind; probably not, anyway. You might change your own mind, however.

All power systems are engineering problems, and all have various political opinion for and against. If you look at the engineering, and ignore political posturing, a clearer picture presents itself.

Here are some of the topics I have learned to consider and come to understand about energizing society.

  • Base Load and Intermittent power
  • Fuel density
  • Fuel pollution per MWh (mega-watt-hour) generated
  • Acreage per MWh generated
  • Fuel storage
  • Power plant safety records
  • Power plant lifespan
  • Cost of electricity (levelized and raw)
  • Decommissioning costs
  • Pollution from construction, fuel production, and decommissioning
  • Operational up-time

It is apparent the discussion for what is best and what is worst is multi-variable. In a debate for or against a system changes the variables being discussed, you get lost in a multi-front quarrel. This is a no-win means to review a best-option.

Consider what factors apply most strongly to the application required. Is the system needed for base-load power? Is power needed for strictly industrial use? How much land is available and where? Review the requirements point by point.

For me, for many use-cases, like powering a city year-round, industrial consumption like aluminum processing, or protecting the environment, nuclear power often comes out on top. I am not against wind or solar or any other specific system. I am, however, supportive of what will maintain a civilized nation year-round with the greatest reliability and least environmental impact.