Byzantine Support from

The support staff at (@webdotcom) and are polite and helpful. They unfortunately have a Byzantine system to work with. I have been a customer for years. I can no longer recommend hosting there anymore. I suspect it is a terrible fallout from company mergers and acquisitions, not to the benefit of any customer.

This disappointment with recently pushed me to host four sites with other vendors because they can’t distinguish support and billing issues between and, nor provide upgrade paths.

Today I wasted 45 minutes on the phone with support because they continually look in the wrong billing systems, despite being repeatedly told so. All to cancel billing I had canceled before. Interestingly, I no longer see previous support tickets for the domain in question because I canceled hosting for it two months ago.

I rehosted my sites because upgrading existing sites within the offerings was not supported. I was stuck paying more and offered less.

It is, literally, easier to change hosting companies than upgrade within services I have since migrated email from multiple domains and accounts, and web content to other hosting companies without issue. was unable to provide this function internally as any part of a service upgrade. It is offered as a feature by other companies.

At this point, I only have some domain registrations maintained there. I will decide if I will move those as they come due to renew, evaluating as needed. I would still recommend for domain registration, unless you have any sites hosted with It is this relationship which has been horrid to navigate.

I don’t care about the extra $15 for hosting I had previously canceled. I just hope to never have to call again.