Domains, Physical and Virtual

The physical domain of my home office painting is nearly complete as of last night. I have a few small touchups, which are only visible in the morning sunlight. Fortunately, there was morning sunlight to see by this morning. I have about fifteen minutes work to finish. This is good, as the first package of furnishing arrived today – curtains. Gently wafting curtains. Wafting because I have unpacked and ready to install the new ceiling fan.

I have to stay on top of the work because the stream of packages will be consistent and daily for the next week. My wife is traveling for the next week, so I am alone. I suspect she may have planned the deliveries so I would both stay busy and have it done before she comes home. She is clever.

On the virtual domains, I learned that my web host does not support DNSSEC. I just registered and am in the process of setting up I was stymied this week trying to figure out why the domain name was not resolving. It did initially, but I suspect as the DNSSEC information replicated, resolution on the web-host failed. Early this morning I reset the settings and, surprise, it worked again.

Circe is a sailboat built in 1932 for trans-Pacific racing, designed by Ben Seaborn at age 17, and is deep in boating history around Seattle and Puget Sound. She is an old wooden boat, easily recognized in the area. At one time there was a non-profit centered around the boat, now defunct when the previous owner passed away.

My brother-in-law now owns Circe. I am trying to consolidate information on her history and regenerate the community support to maintain and restore her. It is an exceptional vessel, and my brother-in-law is a near-perfect owner for a such a treasure. His work on her can also be found at