Shipping Delays, Circe, and WordPress

Working on the home office progressed to a stop, at least on furnishings. Shipping delays altered the schedule to completion. I will fill the time with other tasks. The bulk of the painting is done. I decided to repaint some of the baseboards to fill the time because they don’t look as crisp as they could. It is incongruous with the fresh paint on the ceiling and walls.

Circe on a port reach

The shipping delays are interesting. I get there are supply chain issues with the Pandemic. What I have noticed is how some businesses have been managing those issues.

A vendor typically charges a customer when a product ships. However, I can’t tell the difference between a vendor having enough resources to deliver on time and intentionally delaying shipped items. These are not mutually exclusive. It is even possible some companies are using the one with the other to inflate cashflow.

I have watched the tracking and several items ordered over the last couple months. On pattern that is prominent lately is packages leaving and returning to the same transit station several time, sometimes for several days. I find it hard to believe a large wooden file cabinet is loaded onto a truck, sent out, then unloaded at the same transit center, only to be loaded again the next day. And the next, and the next again.

I can imagine this happening periodically. A driver gets sick or there is an accident, whatever. I have seen this now with maybe half of the items I have ordered in the last couple months. It makes me wonder if some companies intentionally shipping an item knowing it can’t be delivered, simply to pocket the money for an extra week or two before having to pay expenses.

WordPress-ing on to Circe

Anyway, yesterday, after tooling about the office and pondering product supply lines, I worked on WordPress is an interesting platform. Sometimes I like it, other times not so much. Part of it is frustration knowing I have the skills to make changes in presentation and not knowing enough about framework to do it correctly.

The frustration is part of the process in growing my skills. Like learning any new thing, you don’t start as a master. Having intersecting, overlapping skills exacerbates the frustration because I know what I don’t know, which feels like another halt on progress. I trudge on.