Remote Work Cybersecurity Report, April 24, 2022

This week is a hodge-podge rollup of warnings, threats, and vulnerabilities. There is something for everyone, bloggers, website administrators, and any remote-work-from-home-digital-nomad with a side-hustle. A funny thing about security vulnerabilities, defects and flaws may exist in products for years until revealed by any number of involved parties. They sit silent waiting for exploitation by …

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Why I Recommend Wordfence for the WordPress Beginner

My use and administration of WordPress is relatively recent. In part, I took it on to build my skills and broaden my experience. Coming from an ‘old school’ developer background where I have focused on databases, server management tools and processes, and more recently cyber security, an easily employed and feature rich product is tremendously …

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Learning About WordPress

I took time this week to learn more WordPress basics, specifically security plugins. I have two other sites besides nerva.com to compare and maintain. This gives me an opportunity to contrast plugin features and use, then find which work best for my use cases. If you are looking for plugs plugging plugins, there are plenty …

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