Learning About WordPress

I took time this week to learn more WordPress basics, specifically security plugins. I have two other sites besides nerva.com to compare and maintain. This gives me an opportunity to contrast plugin features and use, then find which work best for my use cases.

If you are looking for plugs plugging plugins, there are plenty of reviews online. I can’t add much to those, except to suggest it is both wise and useful to look at several review sites and where each overlap.

The results for me have been a gradual improvement on site security and features. Most of these changes are not visible to visitors, revolving mostly on administrative functionality.

The largest WordPress flaw is native security and base features. Using WordPress, at least for now, requires several plugins, free or subscribed, to achieve a basic level of security and presentation features. This means just building a site as a first-time user is complicated. It will slow your progress to present or leave the site at greater risk to hacks.

On the positive side, the number of plugins and features give WordPress considerable flexibility. Once you have a basic level of understanding, your creative canvas is large.

I am still working on the basic level.

Home Office Furnishings Arrive

Most of my office furniture has now arrived. Hooray! Now I can clear out the old file cabinets and consolidate the mess I previously endured. There will be donations and free space and simplicity once again. Also, comfort.

Between work and home use I have several computers in use, three or more is not unusual. The new office arrangement is a balance between surface area, storage, and space. Frankly, an office desk with large monitors and a pile of laptops is not pretty. I appreciate my wife’s design sense and research finding the right things for our needs. I will happily defer to her sense of style.