Vacations are fun except for the bug bites

a tiny spider biting a tourist drawn in the style of a 1800's naturalist

Dry desert air is wonderful on a warm evening while watching the sunset. Gazing toward the clear skies looking for shooting stars sitting in a comfy chair gives the mind space to dream and relax. Apparently, in my tranquil state, I discovered the tiny home of some kind of spider.

Specifically, I discovered the spider’s existence this morning when I noticed the small, itchy bumps on my arms, back, and sides. Oh, and my ancles too.

Not being an entomologist, I may be wrong about it being a crawly from the arachnid family. I will go with the theory for now, as it fits the events of the evening. I did not notice mosquitoes.

I have heard, without any real evidence, the hypothesis that you can acclimatize to the minor bug bites in a region if you live there long enough. Maybe this is true. I seldom notice irritants like this in my hometown. I can definitely attest that I am aware of the critter’s vexations while on my current adventures.

Otherwise, travel is great. Exploring new places and environments is refreshing. Every day has a new destination, hike, walk, or experience in territory and culture.

I appreciate the variety and fortune we, as a species, have available to us. Easy travel, abundant and unique foods, comfortable and luxurious accommodations, once only accessible to the wealthy or intrepid explorers, are now within reach of an average citizen. We live in times where we possess the goods of fortune in moderation.