My Likely Overreaction and With Reason

Within minutes of posting yesterday about the homeless, crime, and vans parked on my street, a police officer knocked on my door.

Yesterday, van #1 was driven away. Van #2 appeared the day before. On opening my door, the officer asked about the appearance of Van #3, which was suspicious because of Canadian plates and blocked out VIN numbers. While talking with the officer, I noticed Van #2 was gone, having left within the last few minutes. I had not even noticed Van #3 until this moment, and said as much to the officer.

He confirmed it was all a bit odd, and to stay aware. The confluence of events, local news, and timing definitely pushed my hyper-awareness buttons. I will assume I am overreacting a bit, with reason.

While looking at Van #2 before it mysteriously vanished (really odd timing just moments before the officer knocked on my door, but whatever), I realize is it just as probable a college kid is on an extended road trip. The surfboard on the roof-rack is more commonly used about 900 miles from my area. The foil bubble-wrap as blackout curtains and general disheveled state of the vehicle definitely colored my view.

So, yes, an overreaction on my part. But damn, if anything weird happens today…

My office window overlooks the street. I will stay focused on work today and just avoid looking outside every ten minutes.