AC, Shipping, and Windows 11

The HVAC service was uneventful yesterday. Amusingly, the service arrived around 2:00 pm, and the email stating when he would arrive was sent at 9:45 pm. I am testing the system for the next few days to make sure all is running well. The AC works but the weather is cool. I am not particularly thrilled having to run the AC for an hour or two. Again, definitely a first world problem.


Apparently, nothing in the world of shipping is quite right. I received one mattress yesterday, expecting two. The vendor reported two were shipped and delivered. I am wondering who has a mattress sitting on their porch or if the delivery driver is trying to puzzle out what to do with the extra mattress in the truck. The vendor is sending a replacement, noting without specifying that shipping and deliveries are problematic of late.

And no kidding on that. This afternoon an office corner-desk was ‘delivered’ in my driveway, sitting in the rain, not on my porch as specified on the delivery instructions. Porch piracy is not much of a factor, unless the pirate is very strong and very fast or the item sits in my driveway. My office is above my front porch and I generally know when deliveries are made. What I received is a child’s desk and chair set, meant for a two-year old.

I ordered through Big River Company, the one that starts with the letter A. The desk came from a third-party vendor. This is the fourth time in two months, from Big River, items I receive are not anything similar to what I order. Now I have a desk and chair set sitting in my garage for at least a couple days as it sorts out. At least Big River is pretty good about resolving these issues, eventually.

Other items ‘waiting for scheduling’ are finally scheduling. I will have a near complete office/guest bedroom by next week, minus the corner-desk. It is otherwise a refreshing space.

Windows 11

I updated my personal computer to Windows 11 a week or so ago. Surprisingly, a smooth experience. I actually like the changes so far. I am updating a second, slightly older laptop now, which may become a test case in hard-drive replacement.

I have two more older laptops I think I will repurpose as Linux devices. My experience with Linux is almost entirely in enterprise configuration deployment, not as a user. I want to build on my user and admin skills. Older computers are useful toward that end.

Now I get to decide which flavor of Linux to use. Oracle, Red Hat, and SUSE Linux coincide with assets in my work environment, but that is not a requirement. Suggestions welcome.