Positively losing my job

by Terry 3/3/2010 3:53:00 PM

Today I updated my resume and posted it online. This was prompted by the layoff notice I received recently from Boeing, my current employer. Oddly, I am not unhappy about this. As a software developer working in an aerospace company, I do not have the opportunity to grow as I might in a company with a greater emphasis on Information Technology. I see the upcoming change as a positive and professionally healthy change.

I saw the change coming, sort of. The stress of job hunting is not one most people relish. I know I don’t. I was a little resistant to job-hunting before I was certain of my status.  When I received my notice I was not surprise, although I was a bit disappointed at first. Who wouldn’t be after 12 years with a company? Thankfully, the disappointment passed very quickly. So, for the last week, I have been in job-hunting mode. I am not unhappy or bitter, just determined and hopeful. I look forward to the chance to expand my skills and abilities.

I have already been diligently applying for jobs. I suppose I am lucky in some sense. While my likelihood of remaining with Boeing in another position is slim, I am still employed for the next several weeks. This relieves some of the pressure and allows me to be deliberate in my actions. I feel for people who are cut loose with no warning or severance.

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