Tyler Returns to Normal-ish

by Terry 5/14/2009 10:12:00 AM

Apparently the pain medication, an opiate, the vet prescribed was a bit strong for Tyler. This explains the vomiting and general unhappiness Tyler was displaying yesterday. Today, on a half dose of the medication, he is much more normal. When I can, I give him breaks from wearing the Elizabethan collar but I have to watch him so he does not start chewing at his stitches.

I nearly got a full night of sleep too. Tyler slept with us again, which is not normal for any of us, so I am happy I got relatively good rest. I cannot wait for Tyler to go back into his crate again. In reviewing some of my work and writing from yesterday I realized I was on autopilot and not as clearheaded as I like. I am still off my game today, but it is more physical exhaustion than mental.

I am still in training classes today. Karen is home with Tyler, having changed her plans to go on a school fieldtrip with Kaitlin. Kaitlin really wanted Karen or me to go with her today, but she was thankfully understanding to the need to watch over Tyler for the day.

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