Tyler is Recovering from Surgery

by Terry 5/13/2009 9:31:00 AM

Tyler’s recovery from his neutering surgery hit a rough patch this morning. He has to wear an Elizabethan collar for the next ten days so he does not chew his stitches. This means he cannot comfortably use his crate. So, last night he slept in my bedroom, sometimes on his bed, sometimes with Karen and me. He slept through the night well enough, but then vomited this morning. After cleaning up his digestive aftermath, I set the spare bathroom as his new ‘crate’, if we need to leave him alone for any reason.

Karen cancelled her appointments for today and tomorrow to stay at home and minimize him being left alone. He was an unhappy dog when I left for work. Karan put a call into the vet for advice, as the vet did not really mention what after affects we should expect. Neither of us feel comfortable about leaving Tyler alone at the moment, particularly in a different ‘crate’ than he is used to. I feel bad, because I normally work from home. I am in training classes all week, so this is not an option. The burden falls on Karen.

I am not overly worried, but preventing undue harm is wise.

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