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by Terry 4/20/2009 11:29:00 AM

I am participating in a series of meetings this week to prepare for the installation of a host of HP products within my company. I am basically a software developer with a penchant for Windows Server. For now I get to play the role of Server Administrator for part of the initial implementation of the development environment for the HP tools. This is because my company believed, originally, the implementation would be entirely on Linux based servers. It turns out that HP’s Operation Orchestrator (OO) needs to be installed in part on Window based server in order to fully support Windows workflow feature and *nix features. The *nix OO installation only supports *nix features. Go figure.

It turns out, I am the ‘most available’ to fill the role and it gives me good exposure to the product, Operations Orchestrator in this case, as we introduce it to the company. I am already slated to work on the development of integration interfaces for OO to connect it within the company. My role as server administrator allows me to get an early introduction to the tools and environment.

(Note: I am work under general non-disclosure agreements, with some allowance to discuss what I work on or with. I occasionally have specific assignments which I cannot discuss in any way. It is my personal policy to not explicitly mention who my employer is. I refer to my employer as simply my company or employer.)

My company has had various rounds of layoffs over the last year. I feel fortunate to be part of a committed project, to which I am just transitioning as opposed to transitioning to unemployment like many of my counterparts. It is a learning experience – in the life-skills sense. Being a software developer, in a way, my specialty is learning and transition. I have made a good living implementing change in significant ways. This assignment is no exception and it serves as a grounding life lesson. Change is the only constant, live with it, learn from it and grow with it. It is very Zen.

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