Too busy to keep up – The Dog, Taxes and a Science Fair

by Terry 3/9/2009 6:11:00 PM

I have been lazy. I would like to say I have been too busy, any in truth I have been, but it really feels like laze from exhaustion. Most notably I have been deprived of sleep as we have a new family member.

Tyler, the Dog

We adopted Tyler, our new puppy, three weeks ago. Tyler, estimated to be born around Christmas of last year, is a mixed breed Terrier-Beagle-Cattle Dog-Somethingorother. Karen was a little uncertain about him for the first week. It turns out he is a darned good dog. Tyler almost never barks, is healthy, good natured, good to other dogs and kids and is basically the best dog our family could hope for. I have grown pretty fond of him.

The big surprise, other than we quite suddenly had an about face on the idea of having any pet, is that I really like having him. I have never been much of a dog person. I think I had too many roommates in my college years with ill-mannered and poorly cared for pets. I should come as no shock that a well cared-for and owner-attended pet will respond well. It definitely helps that I work from home most of the time.

The most significant impact at the moment is two-fold. Firstly, I am suffering a real lack of sleep getting up one to three times a night to ‘water the dog’ – a task that is exclusively mine, as Karen and Kaitlin seem to sleep through everything short of nuclear attacks. Secondly, as a family we are trying to adjust to a permanent toddler in the house. We have been a pretty spontaneous family, but our traveling days have changed. Fortunately our neighborhood has a good network of dog owners and I am slowly learning the ropes. It will be nice to have sitters should we travel.


I have taxes to do. Not much to say. We all have to pay taxes. It sucks. Rather, the sucking sound from my paycheck never stops and I am further penalized by having to spend a dozen or three hours of my time to itemize the government’s abduction of my money.

The Science Fair

I have ordered the supplies and glassware for the science fair where I have been asked to have a demonstration booth. This is for my daughter’s elementary school. Not surprisingly, it takes a bit of thought and planning to put a show together. I need my theme, my props and supplies. All of this is different than what I have and need in my garage lab.

My family manager, Karen, also known as my loving and supportive wife, has scheduled time in the garage for me to work on stuff. I have cleaned up the garage (again) after the winter of abandonment, I have started to arrange and expand my chemical stocks on the new shelving I acquired around last Christmas, fabricated some glass tubing I hope to use at the science fair and started to plot out my experiments/demonstrations. I will report more on this later.

So, it is back to work I go.

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