Lab Progress, of a Sort

by Terry 1/9/2009 4:29:00 PM

I have not been working in the lab much for the last two months. Nevertheless, I keep acquiring items. In addition to the lifetime supply of Anthracite Coal I recently received, I picked up a storage cabinet for the lab.

I happened to be browsing a store over the holidays with Karen. The store sells rubber stamps, but the owner is retiring and selling the display fixtures. For a nominal cost I purchased a sturdy wooden display case. The case is 36 in. wide and 84 in. tall. It has a deep base, shallow top and a dozen variously spaced shelves perfect for displaying small rubber stamps, or for me, lots of small bottles of chemicals. I now have room for a lot of stock. The base of the display case is deep enough for bulky items.

After carting the case home, I cleaned my garage and made space for it at the end of my work bench, bolting it to the garage wall for good measure. The only thing I can add to this case is some doors to the top half. I am thinking of a couple hinged Plexiglas panels with a simple lock. This will protect the contents and any idle hands from harm. Someday I may actually get back to working labs.

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