On Snow, Facebook and Car Loans Boom and Bust

by Terry 1/5/2009 5:17:00 PM

I am back from a break. I just did not have the energy to post for during the holidays. I spent the time with family and friends.


It snowed, again, last night. Fortunately the school district kept their wits about them and called the delayed start time early this morning. Just before the winter break the schools in Western Washington fell for the collective predictive qualities of our weather service and closed schools across the area. It turns out in our district it would have paid to wait, as it only rained. It was such a knee-jerk, herd mentality reaction that I am almost surprised the district didn’t burn the schools for firewood when it started snowing the day after. As it stands, Kaitlin got a longer winter break and all is normal again.


Sometime in the last three weeks I figured out how to incorporate this site (http://www.nerva.com/) into my Facebook page. I am not big on Twitter and the one sentence updates on Facebook. I lose patience for it. I am more interested now that I have my RSS feed fuel my Facebook page automatically. I will continue to poke around with it for now.

Car Loans

I read that Chrysler is getting something like $4 billion dollars in bailout money from the government. I heard on NPR or someplace that the company is lowering the credit ratings needed purchase a new car. This makes the cars attractive to the least likely to be able to make payments on the product. The first thought that struck my mind was this is exactly the mentality that created the housing boom-bust over the last couple decades. Government guaranteed backing and a race to the bottom for buyers with the builder stuck in the middle.

I understand that Chrysler needs to sell its vehicles. A short term business loan in the billions is a big motivator to get the wheels of business turning again. I am not sure what the solution should be, but what I feel is this is a recipe for delayed failure of the company. Sure, sales may pick up, but in a year or two the loans for new cars will have a higher failure rate. Maybe those bad loans don’t affect Chrysler’s bottom line, but it will affect someone.

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