Not Snowed In

by Terry 12/22/2008 10:26:00 AM

Saturday morning I completed the wiring of the generator transfer switch. The winds started in earnest in the evening. After dinner I lubricated and fueled the generator. It started smoothly and flawlessly. Karen, Kaitlin and I were ready to take on the stormy night.

The winds were fascinating Saturday night. I have not been able locate, yet, the recorded wind speeds from any of the local weather stations in the area, but I have heard reports of 87 mph gusts. It sounded like a flock of low-flying jets pulling out of a dive with ice filled jet wash.

Remarkably there is little damage in the neighborhood that I can tell or have heard. We lost power overnight and it was restored by morning. The neighbors lost a panel from their fence which they mended on Sunday morning. Otherwise there were just snowdrifts on the leeward side of every standing structure. I shoveled a meter of snow from my driveway so I could use my car if needed. As it stands I have had no reason to drive anywhere.

I never used the generator. I did not see the need to run it so late in the evening. We elected to just go to bed. At least I know it all works. We just got lucky this year and lost power for eight hours instead of six days.

Sunday was spent re-warming the house and digging into last minute gift making, which we are sorely behind on.

Monday morning and I am back to work, from my home office. The roads are mostly bare and wet or patched with packed snow, with big drifts of snow narrowing the streets to one lane roads in some areas. There is still more snow predicted, although unlikely to be much of any significance. I promised Karen I would toss the chains in the car when we next go out. I got the chains when we bought the car in January, 2000. I have never opened the box. I am very much a just-in-time user of technology. It drives Karen nuts.

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