Of Thanks, Birthdays and a Vigil

by Terry 12/1/2008 9:04:00 PM

Last week began with news of a death in the (extended) family. John Spalding passed away after a long fight with cancer at the age of 33. He is survived by his wife, Jodi, parents and siblings. I did not know John very well, seeing him only occasionally on holidays and such. I always found him easy to talk to and an exceptionally good person. Attending his vigil last night demonstrated that impression is largely true for many others as well. I cannot add too anything others have not already said, and will leave the eulogies for them. His MySpace page is a good place to learn more about John. May he rest in peace.



The remainder of the week was filled with the usual Thanksgiving activities; too much food, the seeing of friends and family, too little sleep and much general running about. It was good to see old family friends. The passing of John gave added an extra bit of reason to be thankful. I and my daughter are of good health; my wife suffers from chronic issues, but is thankfully not terminally afflicted and is improving bit by bit every day (and hopes to soon share her experience and knowledge with others). The economy is uncertain, but I have apparent steady work. I have a good home and live in a great community. Life could be much worse, and I am deeply thankful; it is a life worthy of many thanks.

Post Thanksgiving activities are nearly as busy as Thanksgiving itself. More food, friends, family and running about. We spent the evenings with my sister and her family, ending the week getting what amounts to an annual Santa photo with the combine families. I find it really amusing to take out Kaitlin’s annual Santa photos and compare how both she and Santa have changed from year to year.

Yesterday, Sunday, started with a birthday breakfast with Karen’s father. Karen spent the afternoon with her dad while I did a bit of book shopping. Afterwards Karen, Kaitlin and I attended John Spalding’s vigil. We walked away with a deeper appreciation of both John and things to be thankful for.

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