DMW Martial Arts Kick-a-thon, 2008

by Terry 11/21/2008 10:06:00 AM

DMW Martial Arts is having its annual kick-a-thon fundraiser this week. The school is raising money to buy Thanksgiving food baskets and such for the local community.

My daughter, Kaitlin, was the top fund raiser last year. She set high goals and reached them. This year she had soccer practice and other commitments which prevented her from devoting as much time hunting sponsors. Last weekend Kaitlin fell on her bottom while roller skating with her soccer team, which made kicking this week a sore proposition.  Nonetheless, she is kicking along with the rest of her class. She broke out in tears after the first class, but I had no idea she was in that much pain during the class. She wanted to stick it through.

I have six classes over the week where I am accumulating kicks. My total so far for the first four classes is just over 5000 kicks. I actually lost count on Wednesday and need to track down the notes. I am not trying to reach any particular goal but it would be nice to know where I am.

Instructor Leni and her son are in a competition with each other. Their goal is 10,000 kicks over the week. I think, as of last night, they are around 7000 kicks each. In Instructor Leni’s Black Belt Class last night we did just over 1000, followed by my Leadership class where we reached my planned 1002 kicks in 45 minutes.

To give a sense of effort involved, consider repeated kicks on bags (think football tackle dummies) are hard on the feet. You get callused over months of practice, but doing 2000 kicks in 90 minutes tests your limits. I wore my mat-shoes last night because I have small cuts bleeding out. It is a serious goal indeed of 10,000 kicks for Instructor Leni and her son.

Most of the kids will average, I think, around 2000 to 2500 kicks over the week. They are showing their strengths. I hope the parents are proud.

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