A Busy Weekend, Errands, Yard Work and Little Pieces

by Terry 11/17/2008 3:53:00 PM

I had a busy weekend with lots of errands, some yard work and time to see the new James Bond movie last with my friends Richard and Joel.

The new Bond movie, Quantum of Solace, was, well, another Bond movie; but certainly better than any of the Bond movies with Rodger Moore. Daniel Craig is pretty good in the role. Many people have been saying this for awhile, so there is not much to add there. If you like James Bond movies, Quantum or Solace is entertaining. I would recommend catching the matinee showing instead of the full-price ticket.

Two summers ago I hired a local teen to mow my yard. I have a small yard and his price is hard to beat. I have gotten used to not mowing. Nevertheless, I broke out the mower and attacked the lawn Sunday morning. I was surprised to have to do this, as typically October is usually the last time the lawn is mowed for the year. We have had a bit of warm ‘banana-express’ rainfall followed by lot of sun keeping the lawn from going completely dormant. I am hoping I do not have to mow again before March. The real downside is the short days and low-angle sun mean much of my yard is turning into moss. It looks like I will have some work ahead of me this spring.

Karen and I ran errands Saturday. Karen, who at times is happy to exclaim she is an outstanding secretary for our household, arranged for me to pick up more 35mm plastic film canisters. I now have the local Costco, Walgreens and Bartell Drugstores saving them for me. I have several hundred I will have to wash and put to use. I think I am formulating a plan for what to do.

A couple friends with the local PTSA have indicated I should put together an after-school program of some kind at the local elementary. That could be fun and I need to give this some thought. It could be a great way to entice a few kids to pursue a science career in the future. Most of the after-school programs are about an hour long, once a week over four to six weeks. What I would like to do is figure out some way to have the kids walk away with a ‘starter kit’ of some kind.

In previous years, a group called Mad Science ran after-school courses. These were extremely popular, filled to capacity. To my knowledge they have not had this program this year. The ‘science’ taught was not so exciting and the kids walked out with little to take home or much in the way of an understanding of science and the scientific method. I will need to quiz my daughter and a few other kids who attended last year to see what they remember and learned from the experience. This will shape what I decide to do.

It is also time I get my ‘science club’ in gear. It would be nice to work these together somehow. Things are beginning to come together quickly; I just do not know exactly what it will look like yet.

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