Science on Tap at T.S. McHugh's Pub

by Terry 11/5/2008 4:21:00 PM

Science on Tap has regular meetings in Seattle. I am unable to attend the meeting tonight, or likely this month, but on Tuesday, December 2nd, there is an event at T.S. McHugh’s Pub. I like that pub and Karen is interested in the topic. I may need to alter my martial arts schedule a little and find a sitter for Kaitlin on a school night so we can attend. I expect it will be worth going. I also am going to try and get my friend Richard to attend, if I can.

Richard and Lorraine were over for dinner last night. Richard pointed out the only reason he came to dinner is that I have an apparently endless supply of pistachio nuts in a dish on the counter. This is the same Richard whom Lorraine referred to as the “Richard Experience”. Anyway, I mentioned to Richard I also have Guinness stout in the fridge. Richard’s reply was, “Ah, another reason to like you.”

So with that I may be able to tempt Richard to attend too. T.S. McHugh’s serves Guinness on tap.

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