Cell Phones and the Virtual Workplace

by Terry 10/30/2008 11:04:00 AM

Around the office, the hot topic has been the change to a new cell phone provider. It seems most of the phone options basically suck.

One of my coworkers chose the LG CU720 model. His comments are that this model cannot use the wired headset and charge at the same time. If you use a wireless headset, the battery on the headset will eventually die if you are in long phone meetings. Other choices for phones are equally bad for similar reasons. I hope our options improve.

As a ‘virtual worker’ (a term I dislike because it implies I almost work, or what I do almost looks like work) I spend a lot of time on the phone. I am not fond of wireless headsets for a variety of reasons. Having no option except for a wireless headset is cause for concern. Naturally everyone in my workgroup is raising a ruckus. I eventually posted the following reply to the topic.

My preferred phone:
The battery can also be used as a spare for most home-office UPS systems

But for those who really need the latest:

Make Your Old Brick Cell Phone into a Bluetooth Headset With 8 Times the Battery Life

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