Not a Meth Lab and Avoiding Trouble

by Terry 10/29/2008 10:20:00 AM

I posted this on the Home Chem Lab forum,

Back in June, while attending work-related training in Atlanta, I had discussions with friends on the ‘Meth Lab’ comments. I posted my initial comments here.

"So, to be clear, I am not building a Meth lab. I am not sure what the margins on Meth production are, but I am fairly certain that my day job, or any job at all, pays more than the risk is worth. I have no desire to, and this is not an exhaustive list, go to jail, kill or injure any family, friends, guests or associates, poison the neighborhood or blowup my house.

At a break in class today, one of my coworkers (friends really, as I have worked with all of these guys for years) suggested I go to Walmart and buy some blue tarps and propane tanks to leave around my yard. Apparently all meth-labs in the northwest are littered with blue tarps and propane cylinders. I added that I need to get a trailer in the back yard with a couple of flat tires. I am thinking I can get a good deal on a used FEMA trailer."

I still like the FEMA trailer idea. It would make a neat little mobile laboratory. But, that is rather off topic. Smile

People always jokingly ask, “How’s the Meth lab?” Among my friends I am not bothered by this; I have a good idea what they actually think. Comments from new acquaintances always make me pause and think about how to reply. If they are interested in a real explanation I will tell them my plans and progress to creating a science club (think tutoring with lab work), if not I will leave my explanation short; I am doing this for myself and my daughter, so my daughter can learn more than what is taught in school.

Part of my long term solution to avoiding trouble is transparency. I am doing nothing illegal – I have nothing to hide. In the interest of staying above board, because I will be working with other people’s children and my wife encouraged it, I contacted the local fire department and have discussed my plans with a variety of people, friends and such. I have been met with encouragement at all times. I live in a compact, if not small town, but small enough that the Mayor, fire chief, PTSA president and others are no more than two degrees separated from me. My involvement in the local martial arts also keeps me rather visible.

In a way, or so I think, the best campaign I can make is to be a good role model. Over time I hope that works against the Science = Evil mentality. I will be working with kids and I will be tugging on the suppressed childhood dreams of their parents.

"If you can't be a good example, then you'll just have to be a horrible warning." (Catherine Aird)

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