The market sees new lows

by Terry 10/9/2008 4:54:00 PM

The market sees new lows. While I have opinions on what should be done and why we are in this mess, I can add little to the discussion. Jerry Pournelle retains his remarkable capacity to distill the issues into meaningful commentary and context. But, like many people, deciding what to do is difficult and may be the bigger issue at this point, or will soon be with the passage of time.

Karen and I have been saving away for Kaitlin’s college and future needs. We have been doing this since we knew we were going to be parents. Our investments for Kaitlin have held remarkably well and will likely recover sooner than later. We have cash funds that we had been building and were considering diversifying. It looks like, for Kaitlin at any rate, we will be able to make some strategic investments for her which will serve her well in ten or more years. Kaitlin is young enough that whatever happens she will survive with a chance for a good start as an adult. She will be old enough to remember, I hope, the lessons this periods will teach the next generation.

For Karen and me, we have two or three decades before we consider retirement. Provided our retirement investments we have do not vanish altogether in the next year or two, we will weather well enough. Being a single income family, our biggest risk is losing my job. Unless I am completely out of touch with my employer, I should have ample warning of any layoff. In the meantime, I can only prepare for the worst. We will try to increase savings even more, cut unneeded expenses and so on. I will plan for the worst and hope for the best. There are many forms of insurance one can have in hard times.

It may not appear so at first, but my garage chemistry lab is a kind of insurance. More than just having the tools and materials to make useful mixtures, it is a tiny bastion of knowledge to share with others, like my daughter or kids I recruit into a science club.

When I was about 12 years old I read Lucifer's Hammer. Among the many things that stuck with me after reading the book were references on harvesting insulin from sheep. Ever since, I have collected books on the history and science of these and other cures critical to modern survival and success. It is unlikely I will ever need them, but I will have them. If you can survive Lucifer’s Hammer, you can likely do well in any situation. In the very least it has given me an interesting library. There are many forms of insurance indeed.

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