Congratulations to a new Black Belt

by Terry 9/15/2008 11:44:00 AM

Last Friday night DMW Marital Arts had another belt test. This time it was a ‘black-belt’ test which is a little longer and harder than a typical test. One black belt was presented to my friend and co-student, Michelle. Congratulations, Michelle.

Black belt test at DMW come every six months, assuming anyone is prepared for the testing. Friday night was the formal test, which, for a Black Belt candidate, is preceded by a pre-test a month earlier. The pre-test is longer and harder than the formal test. Friday night’s test was about two hours of cardio, skills, and drills with no break, rest or water. The pre-test is about an hour or longer. Michelle did a stellar job, and considering she had minor injuries from an auto accident the day before is even more remarkable.

Michelle, you earned your belt. Be proud!

My own performance at the test was poorer than I liked. For the last year or so I have been easily fatigued and have poor endurance. Karen, who is pretty sharp on the medical issues, recommended that I get my doctor to test my adrenal system. It turns out that I am pretty much out of juice, so to speak. I am good until about noon, then I lose energy. Friday night was rough. It did not help that I got into work mode (writing software) Friday afternoon and lost track of time; forgetting to load up on protein and carbs an hour or so before test time. I basically ran out of steam. It may take another six months to get my body back in gear again.

About six years ago I caught some unknown virus which took a toll on my liver. It took a year to recover. I year after that I started regular martial arts practice. I am 35 pounds lighter now and generally pretty fit, but I hit a wall in the last year. Now I am slowly working around this obstacle so that by the next black belt test in March I will be ready to spring into action.

I was exhausted after this test, almost useless on Saturday and came back to life Sunday night. I needed some serious down time. Fortunately, there was a House marathon on TV last night and Karen and I turned into couch potatoes for the evening.

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