The Return to Routine

by Terry 9/4/2008 2:44:00 PM

Kaitlin started school yesterday. It is soccer season and everyone is back from summer vacations and taking Tae Kwon Do classes again. A few of our friends have two or more kids. I am not sure how they cope entirely. I am happy to have our routine back again, but geez is it busy. Kaitlin has martial arts Monday and Wednesday after school, soccer practice Tuesday and Thursday and soccer games on Saturday. We are looking into dancing classes on Sunday (a gift from Kaitlin’s grandmother), leaving  Friday nights free – maybe, as a friend of ours is offering horse-riding lessons but we have not figured that out yet. And I have only one child.

 Karen and I, with Kaitlin, met her teacher earlier this week. It was a short meeting but enough to get an idea of class structure. What I thought was interesting was the way her grade level (third grade this year) is dividing teaching into specialties. Kaitlin’s teacher only covers science, math and social studies for about half her school day. Then Kaitlin switch with another class, in another room with another teacher, to study reading, writing and, I think, history. She finishes her day by returning to her first classroom and teacher.

Ultimately, I think this is a good plan. It means her teachers have specialized and can focus on refining their material and reducing the variety of work load. For some kids it may not be a good structure, particularly the less deft, but most of the kids should do fine and it may give the brighter kids a chance to excel in a subject where the teacher has less demands in variety of curriculum.

Kaitlin is pretty bright, reads well and frequently. For example, she woke up an hour before her alarm this morning and asked me if she could read until she had to get ready for school. She is also active and wants to do things (she likes TV too, but we try to curb that, and we don’t own any game consoles). I hope the math and science that are emphasized this year start to spark her. I noticed, with her first homework assignment to write five things about herself and home, she chose to write that her dad has a lab in the garage. I may have to volunteer in her class a couple of times this year.

I am glad the weekly routine is back, but I sometimes wish there were less of our routine to return to. It is a full life, however, and I am happy for it.

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