Back from Vacation

by Terry 8/28/2008 10:51:00 AM

I am back from vacation, camping on Lopez Island at Spencer Spit State Park with many of my friends in a big campout. There were thirteen adults and eight children. It was a fun trip with basically good weather, except a half day of rain the day before we left. Karen and I slept in a yurt with all of the kids. It was surprisingly comfortable and quiet with only a couple midnight trips to the bathroom for the kids. The kids played constantly all day, every day and basically passed out once we got them to bed. I hope we can do a similar trip next year.

Karen planned the trip, something she excels at, intentionally choosing a non-holiday weekend for the excursion. This meant we avoided some of the worst of the ferry traffic found on a holiday weekend where ferry wait times can be eight or more hours. I think of all the families that came on this trip, the longest wait was about four hours. This makes for a log trip even in the best of cases, but the ferry ride and destination can make it worth it.

I have spent time on Lopez Island off-and-on my entire life. Returning for an extended weekend was fun and it is good to see the island is still basically the same place. There is some new development in Lopez Village but the island is largely agricultural and seems to be staying that way, which is good on both points.

It was a good, relaxing weekend. I would recommend visiting the San Juan Islands if you ever have the opportunity.

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