Birthday and Belt Test

by Terry 7/25/2008 3:15:00 PM

Tonight is another belt test and another birthday; mine, I am 0x27, 21+18, or 39. I am not much on birthday celebrations, but there is always a dinner gathering at a local restaurant after the belt test and with 70 of my closest martial arts acquaintances I am sure there will be some celebratory activities. I am just happy to be able to do so many of the things I like and have the people in my life that I do. I do not wish for any other gifts. I have fortune in moderation.

Last night, in the ‘youth’ belt test, instructor Leni and I had the younger kids demonstrate the Bo Staff form we have been learning for the last server weeks. The parents were suitably wowed, which is cool. It always surprised me how many parents do not stay to watch any of the classes. The belt tests offer an arena for the parents to see their children’s progress.

After the kids’ demonstration, Leni and I performed the same form in unison, out of visual range of each other. This requires audio queues, which we are still working on, to stay synchronized. The affect came off quite well nonetheless, considering we execute the form at much higher speed than the children and have only practiced synchronization a few times. Afterwards at dinner that evening, the parents paid us nice complements on our teaching skills and on how our own martial arts skills have improved over the last few months. What could be a better gift than being told by a parent you are appreciated for how you teach their child?

Tonight we do the same thing again, but with adults and a small group of the youngest children. The five and six year old kids (mostly) have never seen the adult best test, and tonight they will do their test at the side-by-side with the adults. This will be great fun for everyone. I love to hear the kids’ excitement and see the look of awe on their faces. The adult group really includes the teen-agers too. The teens have the energy and flexibility to wow the kids with high jumps and fast kicks. There is also Instructor Steve, 6’4” (193 cm), once a Marine, and high-intensity. He usually does some feat or another that makes the kids both laugh and shout “wow!” at the same time. I think between all the adult talent the young kids will be thoroughly jazzed. There is always cake at the end of the belt test too. I am sure a lot of parents will have fun putting their kids to bed tonight.

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