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by Terry 7/18/2008 10:18:00 AM

Yesterday I went to lunch with Karen and Kaitlin. I stopped at the pharmacy to ask if I could order various supplies for my home chemistry lab through them. After lunch I ran down the block to the Carmichael’s True Value hardware store. There I found several products I wanted to add to my lab.  Ammonia (with no coloring or other additives) and 100% sodium hydroxide drain cleaner. I forgot to look for root killer (copper sulphate) which I believe they carry. Oddly, Home Depot and Lowes, the nearby big-box stores, do not seem to have these products in concentrated or mostly pure form. I will have to go back and get the copper sulphate at a later date.

True Value sells products from Rooto. I called Rooto to see if they had MSDS files for these products. They happily said yes and asked where they could fax them. I never bothered to setup a fax receiver on my home PC, email is my preferred method. No problem, for the products I am looking for, they have electronic MSDS documents. Apparently not all their line is available in electronic format, but they have what I need. All is good.

The home chemistry lab is slowly moving along.

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