I cannot get started soon enough

by Terry 7/8/2008 10:45:00 AM

I have a large order from Elemental Scientific due to arrive, but I won’t have time to unpack it until I return from Orlando next week. It is just as well, I suppose, as I have not had any time to work in the garage this last weekend. On the HomeChemLab.com forum (http://forums.homechemlab.com/) another user posted a concern and prompt for people to start posting their experiences on the forum (Dont be shy...say hello). I am now realizing how much effort it takes to build a lab from scratch. Note that I am not really surprised, more like impatient. I want to get started now, if not sooner.

To paraphrase what I said on the forum: I would presume once you have a lab and the supplies, you will use it. And if you have made that investment you will likely use it for years. There is staying power in the hobby that transcends time better than some hobbies. This is an investment.

For me, the investment is partly for my own pleasure and knowledge. It is also an investment in the future for my daughter and anyone else, particularly youths interested in science.

One teen I talked to told me he was excited to take a science course at the local high school next year because the teacher does a cool experiment with Hydrogen. I would think it would be cool if the student could do the experiment, not the teacher. Gee, I can go to school to watch someone else do science!

I cannot wait to unpack the equipment. I cannot get started soon enough. I cannot wait to see my daughter and others want to learn as they experiment.

You too can build your own chemistry lab. You too can do science at home. Robert Bruce Thompson made it pretty easy. Start by getting a copy of the Illustrated Guide to Home Chemistry Experiments: All Lab, No Lecture. The effort is less than you probably think and the rewards will be more than would appear.

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