The new scale is here!

by Terry 7/2/2008 9:38:00 AM

I received the MyWeigh iBalance Lab Scale balance yesterday, via FedEx. It looks great. I hope to get it calibrated and setup in my garage today sometime. My order from Elemental Scientific should be coming early next week. Originally I thought it would arrive late this week, but I forgot Friday is the Fourth of July. Oh well. That gives me the weekend to do other projects around the house and garage.

Kaitlin took an immediate interest in the scale. I have a kitchen scale I use for baking with a 1g resolution. I think I will take both scales, side-by-side and show her the difference in measuring with something like 5g of rice, sand and maybe a highly uniform set of objects. (I used scales to inventory o-rings when I managed a SCUBA service department. Some o-rings are very costly for mixed-gas applications, and are very small. An accurate count of o-rings is not usually earth-shattering, but some of the o-rings I used where a couple of dollars each and the size of a pin-head. Being off in my count by 10 or so with a hundred different sizes adds up fast.)

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