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by Terry 6/26/2008 3:46:00 PM

I looked recently on my office bookshelf for my chemistry textbooks from college. I am disappointed that I don’t seem to have them anymore. I might have sold them back to the bookstore after I finished the classes; I only did that once or twice. (I paid for much of my school out of pocket, so selling back was a desperate move for cash.) I kept most of my textbooks most of the time, except where the classes were required but otherwise worthless. I think I still have, maybe, one textbook from my required English, Writing and Literature classes. In twenty years I have never once missed those books. I still look at my physics texts now and then, by contrast. Fortunately, Karen kept her chemistry textbooks, so I have hers to read.

Incidentally, Jerry Pournelle once recommended on his journal Dwight V. Swain’s books, Creating Characters: How to Build Story People and Techniques of the Selling Writer, for those interested in writing. I have read both and recommended them to two friends, both published writers. They found value in these two books. None of my college courses in writing were nearly as useful, and by a lot. I would go as far to say my high school literature classes taught me more about writing then my college writing classes. Know I right good!

So, while I wait for my lab supplies and find the time to finish my workbench, I am spending a few minutes here and there reading chemistry textbooks for fun. I needed something lighter than, and a break from, the series of books on Mythology I have been reading by Joseph Campbell. I have a few crates of books in the garage I have not looked through in a long time. Perhaps I will find my missing textbooks there.

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