Six Weeks to One Hundred Push-ups

by Terry 6/20/2008 9:59:00 AM

My friend and fellow black-belt instructor at DMW Martial Arts, Steve, sent me this link recently. A six week program to doing 100 push-ups. It is a progressive repetition plan which if followed will help you be able to do 100 consecutive, well-formed push-ups. I am going to recommend this to the students in my Leadership class next week. Among many other requirements for reaching a black belt at DMW is being able to do 100 consecutive push-ups in 2 minutes. There is no magic to doing it; it just takes practice, patience and time. The current crop of black belt candidates has until the end of summer to prepare for the next black belt tests. This six week plan would help them reach their goal.

When I planned for my black belt tests, I attacked the physical performance requirements as methodically as I could. When I could, I would end every workout with push-ups and sit-ups until I reached or exceeded the requirements. I was not so good at running. I got a late start on my running because of a knee injury, and maybe a bit of sloth as I hate running to begin with. I can say that the running portions of my tests were the most difficult for me.

I have never been much of an athlete growing up. I would still not call myself an athlete. I did reach my athletic goals nonetheless, even starting into the martial arts in my early thirties. As the saying goes, if I can do it…

I am hoping to come back from the Martial Arts Super Show this year with more tips and effective plans to help students reach their goals. Not every plan will work for every person. Having a variety of plans in my repertoire will help me help others find a plan that will work.

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