The Vonage Saga

by Terry 6/12/2008 9:05:00 AM

I have been using Vonage for four years now, and have had few complaints. In fact probably fewer complaints than I have had with other phone companies, like Century Tel. On June 4th Vonage called my wife, I was in Atlanta, and asked how their service has been. Karen replied great, except for one issue that periodically occurs. After Karen confirmed it was in fact Vonage calling and not someone phishing for access the Vonage service people offered to send us a new router.

The issue is an intermittent ring-back after we hang up from random phone calls. We call, we talk, we hang up, our phone rings, and no one is on the other end. It comes in waves. Karen makes a lot of calls nationally, doing genealogy for her family, so the call backs can get mighty annoying when it happens after every call for two hours or so.

Vonage offered and sent a new router. Karen did not ask them to do that, she merely told them what the issue was, since they asked. Vonage compensated us the cost of the router, but charged us shipping. The shipping cost is the secondary problem. The new router is the primary problem. The new router was issued a new phone number. We do not want a new phone number; we just want the old number to work, since they asked.

I did not know Vonage assigned a new number to the router until I plugged it in last night. It did not take me long to figure it out; caller ID is a useful tool. I left the router plugged in and took a break to go work out and teach a class. When I returned home in the evening, around 9:00 PM, I got on the phone with Vonage technical service and spoke with ‘Garry’. He was clearly from India or nearby country, and not from North America. I was not surprised by this, but I was surprised that ‘Garry’ actually cottoned on to the problem in a reasonable time and got the router assignment sorted out – sort of.

‘Garry’ assigned my old phone number to the new router, but cannot remove the new, unwanted number from it. That has to be done the, apparently, more technical billing staff. I am to call back today and ask that billing remove the new number from my new router and bill. At that point I can ask that Vonage remove the shipping costs for the new router (which they offered for free).

Unfortunately, in calling Vonage this morning, I learned their billing system is undergoing an emergency update. I was politely asked if I could call back this afternoon. And so, the saga continues.

Despite the runaround, I would still recommend Vonage on a cost, quality and feature basis. It is truly a good deal. Unless this issue goes incredibly downhill quickly, I still can say I have been happy with Vonage.

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