Championship Karate and Tae Kwon Do, Orlando, my return visit

by Terry 5/16/2008 7:33:00 AM

Last Tuesday and last night, Thursday, I visited Championship Martial Arts (CMA) in Orlando ( Again, I am grateful to the instructors for allowing me to observe and take class. I managed to catch a head cold, which I became aware of just as I arrived at the school last night. I still took class, knowing I would suffer for it. The workout was short, thankfully, and I put some extra effort into the exercises so I could sweat out the cold. I do not think it worked so well, but the workout was still good.

I managed to observe several classes over the few hours I was there. I have notes I can take back to DMW Martial Arts and share with the students in my Leadership class I normally teach on Thursday evenings. As I told Mr. Chris and Mr. Eric from CMA last night, watching and being a student in another school gives me more tools in my toolbox to teach with.

As an example, I learned how to do a front-kick and maybe five ways to describe the same. Watching a different school with different martial art and teaching styles, I learn two or three new ways to describe that same basic form of kick. Next week, and forever after, when I go to teach a new student that same old front-kick, and the words I use to describe how to improve their kick do not appear to help, I can now draw on these new descriptions. The student has the benefit of a better chance to ‘getting it’. I benefit by reduced frustration. The student body, as a whole benefits from the greater breadth of knowledge and experience.

I started in the martial arts a little late in life to be as physically dynamic as Bruce Lee or Jet Li. I have no plan to impress anyone in that way. What I can do is use my head, leveraging my intelligence to compensate for my physical shortcomings. I once read that Bruce Lee had one leg shorter than the other and he intentionally altered his fighting style to compensate and maximize his strengths. Obviously that worked for him, despite his abbreviated life. I know there physical aspects of the martial arts I will unlikely reach, but I know there is ultimately no technique I cannot describe or teach over time.

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