Championship Karate and Tae Kwon Do, Orlando

by Terry 5/14/2008 8:10:00 AM

My visit went well last night. I watch a couple of classes and attended the adult class which ended the evening. I introduced myself to Mr. Chris, whom I called last week and was invited in. The teaching instructors I saw last night, Mr. Xavier and Mr. Eric, are quite skilled. Judging by their style and comments, there training is more Karate based than Tae Kwon Do (TKD). I am largely TKD trained, so while I could keep up in class, sometimes it took a moment to figure out what I was expected to do. I greatly appreciate their acceptance of a visitor.

I felt a little apologetic when I spoke with Mr. Chris last night. I called last week to arrange my visit, which was arranged at a higher level by my instructors at DMW Martial Arts through Mike Metzger of MAIA as a benefit of elite membership of MAIA. Somehow, and I will assume it was me being unclear, Mr. Chris believed I was attending class next week. Thankfully, this did not create too much inconvenience for the instructors when I appeared a week earlier than the expected, and again, I am thankful for their acceptance.

I wore a white belt, not my black belt. I am not there to teach or presume that I know anything, I am there to learn. Class was interesting. Unlike going to my own school as a student, where I hone my skills in class and help others, I was more distracted by watching the instructors and other students. In other words, I was looking at teaching style and the student interaction. Consequently, my performance was less than I usually drive myself to. I was there to learn, but learning is not always competing against everyone in class.

Now that I have broken the ice, I am hoping my next visit on Thursday evening will be a bit more of an idea exchange with the instructors.

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