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by Terry 5/8/2008 11:35:00 AM

I updated this website to the latest BlogEngine.Net. No an arduous task by itself, but there are some glitches. Namely, my web host, web.com, has an administrative control panel for my site in the ‘admin’ directory under the www root of my site, which is protected and hidden. This means I cannot use the BlogEngine.web ‘admin’ folder on the root of my site. In order to work around this, there are two options. Naturally, I choose the more difficult option.

The first and easier option is to create the instance of BlogEngine.web in a sub-web on my site. I would have to have a root default page or site the pushes people to my journal pages. I do not want that. I want my journal to be the default root site. That moves me to the second more difficult option.

The second option is to rename the BlogEngine.web admin folder to something else, then go through the entire BlogEngine.Core and BlogEngine.web instance and replace the ‘admin’ folder with the new folder name.

Thankfully, while a bit tedious, this is made much easier with the use of source control for my site and code. I am able to compare the entire solution tree and make changes as needed. Basically I extract the BlogEnine.net file updates into my solution folder and use source control to tell me what changed. I merge the security fixes and the admin folder changes into my code through source control. This is tedious, but not arduous. I am done in about 30 minutes, and all is well.

I recommend source control for all development work, even if there is only one developer. The change history alone is invaluable at times. Use source control. Use source control. Use source control.

Incidentally, I compounded this all by simultaneously converting my BlogEngine site to Visual Studio 2008. This went well. No errors. The site compiles and still works. Woo hoo.

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