Chronological posting and coding practices

by Terry 4/9/2008 8:35:00 AM

I managed to re-figure how to get my posts to display in chronological order. I butchered the PostList control in the 'User Controls' into a new control. This is simple enough, really. Changing the loop to reverse the posts in the paged list of posts seemed to work. I will post the new control once I test it out enough.

Naturally, I am working in the worst possible way to write code. I have no source control for my code, I have no backup scheduled, I have no plan or documentation on what I plan to do and I am basically hacking at the code. I know better, and will remedy all that soon.

Source control is vital, even if there is only one developer working on code. It is the recovery, version history and comparison tool that will save hours of work. I have many stories, good and bad, on the benefits of source control. One development team which works in a related area at my office does not use a formal source control system. In three years they have only had one issue – that I know of – which required going to tape backup to recover lost files. That is one event too many. It took two or three days to get the files recovered and not all the lost work had been backed up. A source control database would have prevented that entirely.

The company project I am currently working on is a fairly good example of development best-practices realized. The development team, five years ago, was largely SEI/CMMI level 1. In a preliminary audit conducted yesterday, the development and project teams are sitting at level 3 or maybe 4. I created new change request during the audit to address minor issues to get us to the next level.

The point is, for those who are struggling with SEI/CMMI, is it is not about writing documentation, it is about following processes that reinforce best-practices; most of which all developers already know are the right thing to do.

So, to that end, I need to get my personal projects in order. I know it is the right thing to do and experience has shown me that it pays off well.

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