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I studied Physics in college, until I switched to Computer Science for my degree because the money was good and, well, I liked working on computer software just as much. I always liked the sciences and I really missed the labs and experimentation I did in college. Sadly, I never did much with my interests in science except to read various journals and books and so on.

Then a strange thing happened. My life, job and home reached stability; I have the goods of fortune in moderation. I read constantly, and I started to read about a book Robert Bruce Thompson was working on, the Illustrated Guide to Home Chemistry Experiments, which began to entice me and I pre-ordered the book immediately after it became available. I have also always enjoyed teaching. I have taught SCUBA, computer programming and now martial arts. Coupled with a passion for science, these things sparked an idea I could not shake. I decided I will build a laboratory in my garage and teach kids with an interest in science what excited me about science and the scientific method.

The concept of asking questions and generating a falsifiable hypothesis, then testing it and clearly recording and discussing results is simple and fascinating to me. It has endless permutations. It requires understanding the limits of measurement and instrumentation, acceptance of failure and learning that failure can often be as valuable as success.

So, I decided to build a lab in my garage. I would start with chemistry, using the resources Robert Bruce Thompson assembled in publishing his book. As time goes on I will slowly increase my scope to include physics and maybe biology. My minimum goal is to practice and learn for myself and to make available resources that my daughter can use to be successful in her future. I also want to make those resources available to other young people who express an interest and talent. I want to teach critical thinking skills.

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About Terry Losansky

Terry Dee Losansky

I am a software architect, actively practice and teach martial arts and live in Snoqualmie, Washington. I have an amazing daughter who is the jewel of my life.

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