Terry Losansky

I am a software architect (see my resume) working on large change and release management systems and I teach and practice martial arts,. I like literature, science and political throery. I have been a general contractor, high-rise and apartment maintenance manager and SCUBA instructor, along with a touch of a few other tradecrafts as well. I have an amazing daughter who is the jewel of my life.

I completed my BS CS degree at night over a three year period while acting as an apartment maintenance manager by day. I obtained my black belt in Tae Kwon Do in my off-hours from work and family life.

What is this place?

This is my blog, although I prefer 'Journal' or 'daynotes' site, to communicate to the world; my personal journaling haunt and a forum for my opinion and for others whom I may or may not agree with. My first web journal started in 2002, but I have had this site in various forms since about 1998. Hurray, and behold the power of the internet. This place is not designed as a revenue stream, only a simple tool to share with everyone and anyone my thoughts. You will like it. Maybe.

The main threads on this site are my personal journal posts and my posting of books I openly recommend, which is sorely out of date at this time (i.e. missing), but there is always hope.

I am a C#, XML, SQL application and web developer by trade and may use this place to discuss computing technologies loosely related to those areas. I live in a Windows world developing server configuration, change and release management tools, but I do not carry the torch for any one Operating System.

I invite all to contribute, but contribution is not a right to publish; I wish to guide the subject matter and keep a respectable site. I wish, above all, to grow meaningful content. This is not a family dinner party; religion and politics are welcome topics, as are nearly all other topics. I believe diversity of knowledge builds strong roots. I am most likely to post contributions that are relevant to current events and issues and will not grow lawsuits.

Why a journal?

I have toyed with the idea for years. I have great respect for intellectuals like Dr. Jerry Pournelle and his journal at Chaos Manor, and wish to emulate those whom I admire. Further inspirations came from the likes of Robert Bruce Thompson at http://www.ttgnet.com/ and the people who made up the original Daynotes gang at http://www.daynotes.com/. I also enjoy having an outlet for the musings I entertain from day to day.

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About Terry Losansky

Terry Dee Losansky

I am a software architect, actively practice and teach martial arts and live in Snoqualmie, Washington. I have an amazing daughter who is the jewel of my life.

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