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While learning how and doing the research to build a home science lab I have collected various links to resource. Some are useful, some more entertaining. I figured I would share what I have found.

Books, Texts and Manuals
Illustrated Guide to Home Chemistry Experiments: All Lab, No Lecture
Chemcraft Chemistry Manual

1973 New UNESCO Sourcebook for Science Teaching:
UNESCO Sourcebook for Science Teaching PDF - from a post I read on the HomeChemLab Forum

Equipment and Supplies
Home Chem Lab Chemical Kits recommended for the Illustrated Guide to Home Chemistry Experiments
MyWeigh iBalance 201 Lab Scale - the scale I use

Scientific Notebooks - this is the format I like

Elemental Scientific, LLC
American Science & Surplus
Home Science Tools
Indigo Instruments
United Nuclear - Scientific Supplies
San Jose Scientific

Steps of the Scientific Method
Lab notebook guidlines and examples:
Guidelines for the Use of Lab Books and Other Primary Research Records
Lab Book Guidelines
Ethanol-Water Mixture vs. Specific Gravity reference table

Open Courseware
Free Online MIT Course Materials Supplemental Resources MIT OpenCourseWare
The Periodic Table of Videos - University of Nottingham - This is just fun to see

Companions to the Illustrated Guide to Home Chemistry Experiments
HomeChemLab Forum

Legal and Safety Stuff
School Environmental Health and Safety Program for Washington State, Department of Health
Safety Guide for Career and technical Education from Washington State, Department of Health

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