Global Climate Change

The sky is falling: one snowflake at a time.

I would heartily agree that the climate is changing. I believe global warming is not a certainty and predictions of our impending doom are somewhat exaggerated. Historically, Earth’s climate has always had considerable degrees of variability. With our current state of information and knowledge, I believe the best polity is to reduce uncertainty by conducting more research, funding technical studies and actively publishing the results. I believe the worst course of action is to enact policy that commits massive funding on the assumption that CO2 emissions are the only factor in climate change.

Below are links to articles and sources I have found compelling, relevant and worth consideration.

Politics and Policy

NASA watchdog: Politics influenced climate change info
"NASA's press office "marginalized or mischaracterized" studies on global warming between 2004 and 2006, the agency's own internal watchdog concluded.
In a report released Monday, NASA's inspector general office called it "inappropriate political interference" by political appointees in the press office."

Editorials and opinions

An open letter from The Viscount Monckton of Brenchley to Senator John McCain about Climate Science and Policy
The arguments are well stated and cited. Global Warming alarmism has become quasi-religious prattle with little basis in fact.

Settled science, or dogged dogma?

Geologist: Sun’s shift could mean global chill
"There are a lot of things being put in the atmosphere right now that are way more dangerous than (carbon dioxide,)" he said.

General Articles and Sites

The Lavoisier Group -
The Lavoisier Group Inc was established to ask questions about:

  • greenhouse science
  • greenhouse economics
  • the Kyoto Protocol
  • the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC)
  • the impact on Australian sovereignty of the Kyoto Protocol
  • the changes to Australia's prosperity and national well-being should the Kyoto Protocol be ratified
  • the integrity or otherwise of the IPCC's reports and recommendations
  • and the history (ancient and modern) of the earth's climate

So much for 'settled science'
"Even Rajendra Pachauri, the head of the IPCC, reluctantly admitted to Reuters in January that there has been no warming so far in the 21st Century."


Source scientific work

The Past and Future of Climate
"In the near term, the Earth will experience a significant cooling due to a quieter Sun.
There are no deleterious consequences of higher atmospheric carbon dioxide levels. Higher atmospheric carbon dioxide levels are wholly beneficial.
Anthropogenic Global Warming is so minuscule that the effect cannot be measured from year to year, and even from generation to generation."

Southern Hemisphere Sea Ice Reaches “Unprecedented” Levels
"On a global basis, world sea ice in April 2008 reached levels that were “unprecedented” for the month of April in over 25 years. Levels are the third highest (for April) since the commencement of records in 1979, exceeded only by levels in 1979 and 1982. This continues a pattern established earlier in 2008, as global sea ice in March 2008 was also the third highest March on record, while January 2008 sea ice was the second highest January on record. It was also the second highest single month in the past 20 years (second only to Sept 1996)."

'Global Warming Will Stop,' New Peer-Reviewed Study Says
"Global warming will stop until at least 2015 because of natural variations in the climate, scientists have said. Researchers studying long-term changes in sea temperatures said they now expect a "lull" for up to a decade while natural variations in climate cancel out the increases caused by man-made greenhouse gas emissions."

Study Says Global Warming Not Worsening Hurricanes
"He has warned about the harmful effects of climate change and has even complained in the past about being censored by the Bush administration on past studies on the dangers of global warming."

Historical references

Is the earth getting warmer, or cooler?
"Bottom Line
Both of the satellite data sources, as well as Had-Crut, show worldwide temperatures falling below the IPCC estimates. Satellite data shows temperatures near or below the 30 year average - but NASA data has somehow managed to stay on track towards climate Armageddon. You can draw your own conclusions, but I see a pattern that is troublesome. In science, as with any other endeavour, it is always a good idea to have some separation between the people generating the data and the people interpreting it."


Just plain dumb

Blog bully crows over BBC climate victory
"Bullying bloggers are no strangers to online media - especially when they're Single Issue Fanatics (SIF). 'They're deeply emotional, they're bullies, and they often don't get out enough,'"

Apparently if you complain enough you can convince people what you say must be true. This is truth by repeated belligerent assertion. I do not see this as reasonable means of debate, nor does it truly help anyone’s cause.

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