Stocking my Lab

by Terry 6/25/2008 3:43:00 PM

This morning I ordered the remaining basic supplies I need for my lab. I called Elemental Scientific and placed my order for the glassware and equipment kits; goggles; apron and gloves. Yesterday I ordered the iBalance Lab Scale through Amazon. I expect both orders to arrive next week.

Elemental Scientific is very accommodating and friendly, and I look forward to continuing to order from them. In a few months time, when I get closer to the final labs and chapters in the Illustrated Guide to Home Chemistry Experiments: All Lab, No Lecture, I will order the Advanced Chemical Kit from Elemental Scientific, I will likely bundle in some additional hazardous chemicals with the package, if the combinations are allowed for shipping.

The scale shipped today from Texas via FedEx and is due to arrive next Tuesday. Not bad for $8.67 in shipping, and I did not need to leave my office chair.

Shipping costs are sometime steep, but I have to balance it against local sales-tax and fuel costs if I purchase items locally. Seattle is a 30 mile drive, so I try to economize my trips into the city. A shipping charge of $8 is less than the cost of gas to drive into Seattle. If I order a $100 package, an additional $20 in shipping is about a wash if I have to drive to purchase locally with gas and tax adding about $18.

I am also trying to keep costs in mind for anyone who plans to share my lab in the ‘Science Club’. I still plan to front most of the costs myself (I own the glassware, for example). Some items like the Illustrated Guide to Home Chemistry Experiments, lab notebook, goggles, gloves and protective clothing will be required by each individual. I see that being less than $50 at the moment, with the book being the largest share of that expense. As I go through labs, I will track what I consume and calculate that cost as well.

Karen and I are still deciding on our weekend plans. If we stay home I will spend most of the time doing yard work, and maybe an hour or two in the garage to finish the counter and shelving around my workbench. I see a trip to the hardware store either way.

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Storefront Experimentation

by Terry 5/21/2008 5:25:00 PM

I added an Amazon storefront to my site today. I am curious how this will perform on my site over time. I lost a steady readership when I took three years off from writing (big shock there!). I noted earlier that I want to repost all my original content, but I need to edit all the data before I do. Perhaps that will slowly rekindle the traffic to my site. Mind you, I am note particularly trying to drive traffic for the sake of bragging rights. I am here to practice my writing, build my web development skills and basically keep a general journal of what I do. I do not have dreams of fame.

I used to have links to Barnes & Nobel affiliate items on my original site, and I even made a couple of dollars from it. I never liked how B&N worked, however, and it took something like two years before I got my miniscule kickback as a check in the mail. I hope the Amazon does better. One option that Amazon offers is gift certificate kickbacks in $10 increments, presumably every month, provided the minimum is reached. My own orders alone, over time, will make that worth the effort.

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